One part of the Agents of Change project was to take stock of the women editors in Europe over the period of 1710-1920. To accomplish this the team developed a Linked Open Data model, detailed in the following publication – Schelstraete, Jasper, and Marianne Van Remoortel. “Towards a sustainable and collaborative data model for periodical studies.” Media History 25.3 (2019): 336-354.; and in various blog posts (see Organizing the dots, and Connecting the dots). Using the  collaborative object-oriented relational database of nodegoat we started to collect, organize, and structure the information not only on women editors themselves, but also the people in their lives (partners, colleagues, editors, family, and so forth), as well as information on the periodicals they edited, and the organizations that these periodicals may have emerged from of were supported by. This resulted in a large and growing database which includes 1700+ persons, 1600+ periodicals and 200+ organizations.

To continue to shed the light on these women editors, we made this information of these individuals, periodicals, and organizations available to you in two ways 1) you can download them here as separate .csv files: 1044 WeChangEd Persons and related bibliographical data, WeChangEd Periodicals, and 138 WeChangEd Organizations, as well as 2) we are in the process of sharing this information through Wikidata – a public central storage for the structured data of the collaboratively edited knowledge base hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, where all the information and more about these objects can be found by querying the WCDId in a SPARQL Query (sample queries will be posted here in the upcoming months) of through the full name (string) or Qid in Wikidata Search.

This database can be cited as followed: Van Remoortel, M.; Birkholz, J.M., Schelstrate, J.; Alesina, M.; Bezari, C.; D’Eer, C.; Forestier, E. “WeChangeD Database.” INSERT SPECIFIC REFERENCE YOU USED. Contributors: De Grave-Geeraert, N.; Goethals, M.; Jaques A.;  Vanhulle, G. Version 1, Number 1, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium, 14 February 2020.