10496116_695042770551289_1183415004853279267_oDr. Jasper Schelstraete is a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Literary Studies, Ghent University. In August 2014 he defended his doctoral dissertation entitled “The Atlantic Between Them: Dickens, Melville, and Nationality in the Transatlantic Market.” His work focuses on the role of print culture in imagining and conceptualizing global markets and finance. As a Belgian American Educational Foundation postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University (2014-2015),  Dr. Schelstraete investigated the importance of an informal Harvard-based coterie in the nineteenth-century International Copyright Question. As a part of the WeChangEd team (September 2015–September 2016), Dr. Schelstraete was responsible for the development of the comprehensive database of female editors of European periodicals.

Dr. Schelstraete is the an associate editor for Authorship and the book reviews editor for the Journal of European Periodical Studies.