On 26 November 2018, WeChangEd member Christina Bezari was interviewed by Jenny Rodríguez Peña, who is in charge of the radio programme “Crisol de culturas” on UN Radio, the radio station of the National University of Colombia:

“I spoke about the cross-cultural character of female periodicals in Europe and the team’s goal to map transnational networks of intellectual exchange among women editors. When Jenny asked about the novelty of the project, I emphasized our desire to surpass the traditional “center vs. periphery” discourse and explained our attempt to establish an open-access database, which shows that women from every corner of Europe worked hard towards common goals like education, emancipation, and freedom of speech. The interview concluded with a promise to expand the geographic scope of our research to the Latin American countries and to Latin American women who engaged in cultural dialogue with Spain and Portugal. This is a future challenge not only for our team but for all researchers working in periodical studies and wishing to advance new lines of inquiry in the field.”

Listen to Christina’s interview here.